• Available on Amazon.com Pink Brain, Blue Brainchallenges the notion that sex differences are “hard-wired” by showing how neuroplasticity also shapes children’s gender development (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2009). “The belief in blue brains and pink brains has real-world consequences...Read [Eliot’s] masterful book and you’ll never view the sex-differences debate the same way again.” —Sharon Begley, Newsweek
  • Available on Amazon.com What’s Going On in There?charts babies’ brain development from conception onward, its relationship to children’s emerging mental abilities, and how parents influence the process (Bantam, 2000). "A fascinating and masterful account of what science knows about how a baby’s brain grows—and how what we do makes a difference. Every parent of a newborn should read it." —Daniel Goleman,
    author of Emotional Intelligence